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About Us

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Victoria Road Pre-School

We are based in the village hall and are a pack away setting. We have an entrance room where we encourage our older children to hang their coats and bags to gain independence.  We also have side room where our younger children keep their belongings. Our side room is used for small group activities, led by a teacher to create a better environment for learning.


We set up the large hall daily with activities that give the children opportunities to play and develop in the areas of the EYFS.


We have a kitchen which is used by staff only and 2 toilets for children's use including potties, toilet seats, foot stools and a nappy changing area. 

Our setting accommodates easy access for those who have disabilities. We have ramps at the front and rear of the building as well as doors of suitable width to enable wheelchairs, walkers and double buggy access. We have a disabled bathroom that is just off the main hall next to the bathroom.

We have a small tarmac surfaced car park at the front of the building, with gates.

We have a rear garden which is landscaped and re-surfaced with 'safety/spongy tarmac'. We also have an area of decking that has a car-port style (UVA protected) roof built over. This has been re-decked with weatherproof composite material and is enclosed on three sides in order to allow access in all weathers which provides us with an outdoor learning environment.  We have a three tap sink just outside our back door to enable children to access water whilst outside.  


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